Happy Tails

Did you adopt a dog from High Forest a week ago, a year ago, 5 years ago…? If so, send us a current photo (and a photo from when you first adopted your dog if you have one) and a brief description of the happy life they lead now and we’ll add you to our ‘Happy Tails’ list! Check out the stories below to see how happy our previous adoptees are today 🙂

Tripp and Koda
Tripp (previously known as Guy) was adopted in March of 2017 and became the 4th member of the family for a young couple here in Hohenwald. He quickly settled in to life with his much older brother, and showed his new parents how smart he was by learning behaviors within a day or two. A year later and he has grown into a large handsome dog that is extremely smart, and prefers to stay at home in his large fenced in yard due to getting car sick.

In August 2017, Tripps parents realized that he needed a friend because his older brother was too old to play as much as he wanted. Going back to High Forest, a perfect little puppy was found to become his new best friend. Koda was adopted at the end of August and before the day was over him and Tripp were inseparable. Koda is 100% a mutt, and even after a year his parents still can’t figure out what he’s a mix between. The only time Koda loves leaving his brother behind is to go on car rides and for adventures.

To this day the two are still best friends and can be found snuggling together and causing trouble in the back yard.